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January Wedding Memorabilia Shadowbox

While many people get married in Spring, Summer or Fall, here is an event that, from the looks of the items framed, was more than enough to blot out the January winter weather with a fabulous wedding. One of our clients attended this wedding and was so moved by the sumptuous nature of it that they wanted to frame the wedding memorabilia and send it to the couple as a wedding gift to help commemorate the occasion.

Our shop manager, Dana, designed this shadowbox treatment. The inside of it was sized 24 x 18 and used an Evald Moulding silver leaf Plein Air style frame, a 1 1/8" wide, tall cap moulding EV24-011. Glass used was Museum Glass, which is anti-reflective and u/v filtering. The shadowbox matting and all associated matting within the composition was Bainbridge 4419, a Tatami Silk mat called Kyoto Pearl. It is soft, luxurious and elegant, the perfect mat for such a frame. The printing on the various menus and items within the frame was a very slender, lightweight type font, so it did not reproduce all that well. Still, you will get the idea:

Framing project shown by kind permission of J. Eggert.

Framing designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF