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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 431-9588

Installation and Hanging Services

Our decades of framing experience extends to installing and hanging framed art in homes and offices as well. Over the years, we've learned how to hang nearly every kind of framed art on a myriad of wall types (plaster and lathe, drywall, wood paneling or masonry).

We try to limit our installations to locations in or near the Chicago Loop during business hours.  We base the cost for installation on an hourly labor rate that is the basis for all our pricing here at our frame shop. Often, it includes travel time to the job site from our 220 S. Wabash shop location. That is how much we feel our time, skill and experience are worth. If a job is too difficult or complicated, or we have scheduling conflicts, we will tell your up front.

If the installation needs to be done during non-business hours, some of our staff do freelance installations on the weekends (usually Sundays) or after work. Feel free to ask about this possibility if your location is in the city of Chicago.

Our installations also include the Arakawa Hanging System. We have been selling and installing this wonderful, simple, elegant and strong hanging system for many years and know how to install it on nearly any kind of wall. Check it out elsewhere on our website.

If you would like to consult with us on an installation, please feel free to call us and discuss it at any time during business hours. We can be reached Monday through Saturday at 312-431-9588. Or you can contact us by email and we will email or call you back ASAP.

When you do call us, please be prepared to tell us the following:

  1. Where you are located
  2. How many frames you need hung and their approximate sizes
  3. When it is most convenient for you
  4. On what type of walls will we be hanging your art (drywall, plaster & lathe, masonry, etc.)
  5. How high up will the art need to be hung (i.e. standing height or up high in a space not easily reached by step ladder).
  6. If you have a ladder or step stool on-site.

Lead Time

Normally, we schedule our on-site work at least a week ahead. If you have a shorter time window, please don't wait until the last moment to contact us. We will try to accommodate your time frame if possible.

Certificates of Insurance

Many office and residential buildings, in the Chicago Loop and elsewhere, require a COI (Certificate of Insurance) before allowing any tradesman to do work in the building, We will be happy to provide you and/or the building management with a COI, but we need to know the requirements of what it needs to say and we need a week lead time to get one. We will, also, pass through the cost of a COI to you.