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Illinois Bill Signing Montage 2010

One of our clients from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago brought Dana, our shop manager, a collection of objects relating to a bill that was passed in Illinois government and signed by the then-governor,  Pat Quinn. The objects we were to frame included an actual pen from the signing, miniature photocopies of the bill, a photo of the signing ceremony and the photo of the signature portion of the bill.

Dana created a very cohesive, well laid-out framing montage from what she was handed. The frame is a Larson-Juhl Gramercy Black cap with silver edge #147790. The glass is anti-reflective AR glass by Tru-Vue, making it very easy to see all the detail with very little reflection. The mat is B8012 Brushed Onyx Alphamat by Bainbridge, a very black, slightly shiny mat that looks very crisp and finished. She cut a square V-groove into the mat before cutting the 4 openings relating to the actual copies of the bill, visually pulling the 4 openings together.

The frame was done as a shadowbox to accommodate the 3-D object (the pen) in the lower right corner. The pen is held in place with nearly invisible mylar strips that wrap around the pen in 2 spots, pass through a slit in the bottom mat and get fastened to the mat's back side. A very clever mounting!

Designed by Dana Fisher, MCPF
Photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Photos shown by kind permission of A. Small at JMLS

Click on the photos below to enlarge for viewing: