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Harper's Weekly Front Page May 6, 1865

An Evanston couple, who we've known for years, came into our store with a wonderful historical piece to frame: It is the front page of Harper's Weekly from May 6, 1865, right after President Lincoln had been assassinated. This was an original, not a reprint.

We designed a simple frame job that took into account the period and the color schemes of the object being framed. We chose a Gemini 7368 ribbed frame that has black over a dark gold that has been lightly rubbed to reveal the gold underneath. It is a somber, 19th century frame design that is perfect for this piece. The matting we used was Crescent 1174 Beige Rag Mat 100, where the core of the mat is the same color as the front and back. This mat was used on the top and bottom layer of a triple mat. The bottom mat had a 1/2" reveal, while the 9941 Chocolate mat in the middle was only shown 1/8" to break up the large expanse of beige.

Glass used was Tru-Vue Conservation Clear, which has a 99% U/V filter but is not anti-reflective.

Designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Photos by kind permission of our clients.

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