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Green Bay Packers Stock Certificate and Logo Mat

Above is a matted and glazed (but not yet framed) stock certificate issued recently by the Green Bay Packers football team in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They are the only NFL team that allows the public to buy stock, though it is non-voting stock and pays no dividend. Still, it is a great PR gimmick and generates cash for stadium renovation easily. The mats used were Crescent 9538 Deep Woods Green over Bainbridge 8023 Yellow Mustard.

The glass is ArtGlass AR anti-reflective glass, which protects up to 80% from UV rays (more than enough against the harmful effects of UV-B rays). The overall glass size is 11 1/2 x 20 1/2.

Our client came in and asked us to mat and frame the certificate in a creative manner, so our shop manager, Dana, adapted the "G" logo to be cut on our Wizard 9000 CMC (computerized mat cutter). We can do this with nearly any logo or wording, so this was not a difficult project. The end result, though, was very satisfying to our client.

The frame it went into was a simple black matte flat-top wood frame (Larson-Juhl 210285 Tribeca). I had to photograph the mat before the frame arrived, since the timing would not allow me to photograph the completed project before it was picked up. Since then, we have framed a bunch of these certificates and did one in a yellow frame the exact same color as the yellow mat board we used. It looked great! Our supplier, Nielsen Bainbridge, has come up with a bunch of mat boards that match a range of professional sports teams along with a line of metal frames that color-coordinate.

Framing designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Images by kind permission of our client, Eric Stenstrom.

Green Bay Packers logo is copyrighted and owned by The Green Bay Packers.