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Child's Book Shadowbox:  "Goodnight Moon"

If you have small children in your home, then you probably have a copy of the book "Goodnight Moon." Lord knows how many times my wife and I read that book to our two boys when they were little. Over and over and over......Apparently, our client found that their child was so enamored with the book that the child had ripped the cover off their soft cover copy. So, in order to keep at least one copy of the book, intact, they brought in a hardcover copy that was theirs as a child and had our framer, Julie, frame it as a shadowbox. The frame size was 12 x 11 in Larson-Juhl 227516 Ansley Cherry, with Museum Glass to create an anti-reflective, u/v filtering glass barrier. The shadowbox was made from Crescent 5520 Classic Beige mat board. Here is what it looks like:


The "box strips" are visible on the outer, vertical face of the frame under the lip of the frame in the area known as the "rabbet." The strips are covered with the same mat board as the rest of the shadowbox.
By running the clear mylar strip through the book under the front cover and around the back from top and bottom to the middle of the book, the strip passes through a slot in the shadowbox, comes out the back and is secured in place. No glue or any adhesive is used, allowing full reversibility of the process to liberate  the book down the road, if need be.

Framing designed and executed by Julie A. Kotulak, CPF

Image shown by kind permission of our client, Eric Budish