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Framing Concert Posters From The "Merch" Table at Live Events

For many who grew up in the 1960's through the 1980's, there are iconic musicians and bands that form the "soundtrack of our lives."
Shown, here, is one such band: The Grateful Dead. A client of ours saw them at their "Farewell Tour" at Soldier Field in Chicago back in 2015 and picked up this poster at the "merch" table. We are "grateful" for the opportunity to frame it!

Grateful Dead framed concert poster
Grateful Dead Poster framing detail
The glass size of this frame is 22 x 28, and the concert poster (sized 18x24") has been floated on a Bainbridge 8656 Natural White 4-ply conservation grade mat board. The glass is Museum Glass, which is anti-reflective (nearly invisible) and 99% u/v filtering.It is suspended, by its edges, on 1/8" glass spacers to create an air space between the artwork and the glass. The artwork is attached to the matting with water-activated linen tape hinges, which are reversible. The frame is a Larson-Juhl 272110 Cumberland quartersawn White Oak.

My Morning Jacket concert poster
This concert poster, unlike the Dead poster, is framed edge to edge. The poster is 18x24 and does not have a mat or glass on it. In fact, what it has is the acrylic or plexiglass version of Museum Glass, called Optium Museum Acrylic. Acrylic, unlike glass, can sit directly on most flat art items without there being any moisture condensation between the glazing and the art. While glass is a semi-conductor of hot and cold, plexi or acrylic is not. It is, in fact, an insulator. Optium is amazing! It is nearly invisible, weighs half as much as glass, filters 99% of u/v light that can fade artwork, is shatter resistant, anti-static (unlike normal plexi) and has a scuff-resistant coating. It is a premium product, though, and is more expensive. However, if the item being framed is valuable, it is worth it.

MMJ poster corner frame deetail
The client wanted a black frame for this poster (which, actually, works really well with the black elements in the print) and we suggested the Larson-Juhl "Tate" collection. This particular shape, from that collection, is a gloss black lacquer with a brush pattern in it, which simulates the look of "record vinyl." It looks perfect!

Mitski Ticket Collage Frame
One of the newer, up-and-coming musical artists is Mitski, a 33 year old American artist born in Japan. Back in Feburary, 2024, The Auditorium Theatre commissioned us to create another presentation frame, this time to give to Mitski, to celebrate her 4 sold out shows. This is a format we have used before that is 20x24 (glass size) with a triple mat. The Marquis sign at the top and the interior photo are surrounded by a triple mat and, visually, tied together with a "v-groove" (a v-shaped channel that only cuts half way through the mat and visually ties elements together). The tickets, one from each concert date, are adhered to the black bottom mat layer, giving the same appearance as the fully matted elements.

Comedy group tour poster from The Wintrust Arena
Lastly, we have a comedy tour event poster called "We Them Ones" that had two sold-out shows this month. Notice how the v-groove ties together the poster, the two tickets and the the arena marquis at the top of the mat. The white mat is Crescent 9900, called Baker White. It has a black core, so that the v-groove comes through as a black line. We used Crescent 5598 Etched Black as the bottom mat, upon which the tickets are adhered.

No matter who the entertainer or musical group is, there are any number of ways to showcase their "merch" and give you something to put on the wall and allows for bragging rights. Stop in and let us show you how that can work.