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The Framescape Gallery

If you can "landscape" your yard outside your home, you can "framescape" your walls inside your home.

What you put on your walls is just as important as how you furnish your home. Not only does it affect how you see your world, but it also reflects back on how others see you when they enter your living space. Also, when you look at the items on your walls, daily, you have an emotional reaction to them, whether you realize it or not.  Studies have shown that your moods and mental health are all impacted by your visual environment. So, carefully planning for your wall space is important. We understand that few people ever walk into a frame shop and, when they do, we work very hard to make their visit a fun and positive experience. It only takes a little thought and some frank conversation to collaborate with your framer to create a great design. Our talented staff of experienced framers can bring out the best in what you would like to look at daily.

Our motto: "We Frame Your World" is taken very seriously by our framing team.

Over the years, we have undertaken many framing projects for clients that we found interesting to work on and they were very pleased with the final outcomes. We have saved some photos and descriptions of these framing projects for you to look at and get some ideas on how to approach the framing projects you may have in mind. While we are always happy to discuss your vision on the phone or in person, a picture is worth a thousand words and these past framing projects speak volumes about the sort of work we do and would like to do for you. You may have never been in a frame shop and, we are sure, there are a lot of very cool ideas that we would like to share with you about how to approach your project and make it look amazing.

Every framed item tells a story. Where possible, we have shared that narrative with you.

Find a category that is similar to what you are looking for and just click on it to see more information and choices.

If you want to contact us about a custom framing project, just give us a call during business hours or email us from the "Contact Us" link.

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