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Here are frames that you select when uploading photos for framing online:

L334082 Soho Matte Black FrameLarson-Juhl 334082 Soho Matte Black 7/8" wide with beveled lip

Soho has a flat face with an inward beveled lip that draws your gaze inward toward the framed photo. It is timeless and works with nearly any photo.

L244150 Alto Matte White frame
Larson-Juhl 244150 Alto Matte White Frame 13/16" wide

A matte white, flat-faced frame, like Alto, works great with color photos, particularly ones that have a lot of blue and green in them (outdoor shots). Because white is a neutral color, it goes with nearly any interior.

L203235 Academie Gold FrameLarson-Juhl 203235 Academie Gold 3/4" wide

Academie has a mild scoop shape and draws your eye in towards the framed item. It is a classic shape that gives emphasis to the photo it frames.

L203237 Larson Juhl Academie Silver Frame
Larson-Juhl 203237 Academie Silver 3/4" Wide

Like the Academie Gold, the Academie Silver has a mild scoop shape that draws your eye inward.It works especially well with black & white images

L463110 Larson-Juhl Brighton Walnut frameLarson-Juhl 463110 Brighton Walnut 1 1/16" wide

A classic furniture finish, the Brighton Walnut goes with most interiors that show dark woods. It has a rounded top with a dark lip and is great for portrait photos.

L463120 Brighton Mahogany FrameLarson-Juhl 463120 Brighton Mahogany

This frame has the same shape as the walnut version, but is Mahogany color, a deeper reddish-brown.Works really well for portraits.