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Hermes Leopard Pattern Silk Scarf Framed
While silk scarves (scarfs) are considered luxury wear, they can also be considered artworks onto themselves. One of our clients brought one in for us to frame that she picked up in Paris at the Hermes store. Their products are beautiful and it is a real treat to visit their shops. The one constant, over the years, has been their silk scarves that people have brought in for us to frame. The one depicted, here, was framed by our shop manager, Dana. It is titled "Lazy Leopardesses." It consists of a large, interlinked stack of warm, sleeping or lazing female leopards. The details are quite extraordinary.
Hermes framed silk scarf

Because silk is a natural fiber, made by silk worms, it is very fragile and can run easily. What Dana had to do, to stretch the scarf for framing, was to applique or sew it down onto a larger piece of fabric first. Then, the fabric was sewn down over a layer of batting on an acid-free board along its turned edging. The fabric used was a Pewter Gray Verona Silk. This was very time consuming and labor intensive, but absolutely worth all the trouble.
Leopard facial detail on Hermes silk scarf

The scarf measured 36 x 36" in size and the glazing (in this case, u/v filtering OP3 plexiglass) measured 39 x 39" in both directions. That allowed 1 1/2" of the gray to show on the perimeter.
Hermes scarf detail of Lazy Leopardesses

The frame used was a 1" wide Black shadowbox frame by Evald Moulding.

Hermes signature on silk scarf
Framing by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF
Photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF