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LA Lakers Basket Ball Jersey Frame
Austin Reaves LA Lakers Jersey Frame
We get to frame a lot of sports jerseys every year and, when this client brought in 2 jerseys signed by LeBron James and Austin Reaves, our framing team member Julie Kotulak, CPF, worked up an eye-catching design that really echoed the team colors on the jerseys. Both were framed the same way and we only have photos of the Reaves jersey. The matting was Crescent 9886 Dark Purple on top and Artique Saffron Yellow on the bottom of the double mat just under the Museum Glass. The jersey was sewn down onto Bainbridge 12029 Peppercorn Black. The engraved plate sits on the yellow matting layer. The frame selected is a Larson 437500 Alto Matte Black, which is 1 3/16" wide on its face and 1 3/16" tall outside (1" tall inside). The jersey is sewn onto the black back layer of matting and there is hidden build-up material supporting the double mat up under the glass.

Austin Reaves engraved plate for jersey shadowbox
Framing designed and executed by Julie Kotulak, CPF
Photos by Brian Flax, CPF
Images shown courtesy of our client, MM.