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Fightin' Irish Football Jersey

Jersey Shadowboxes for Fightin' Irish

Everybody has a favorite professional athlete, or at the very least, a student who had a college athletic career. Below, we've shown a jersey that belonged to a cornerback from the University of Notre Dame, autographed by team members.The client asked us to insert some verbage in a keyhole in the mat at the bottom, indicating whose jersey it was and who played on the team or coached it at the time. The frame is an Engelsen 5063 Soft Gold. Glass is True-vu conservation clear, with a shadowbox made from Crescent 9887 Black-N-Blue mat board. Glass size is 24 x 29.

While some framers like to insert foam board forms into jerseys to flatten them out, it looks very artificial and, as such, we end up sewing them down as-is, even after ironing or steaming them. In this case, the cornerback's jersey was very tight fitting, with lots of elastic. Our framer, Julie Kotulak, had to sew this one down very carefully as it would not lay flat.

Framing design and execution by Julie A. Kotulak, CPF
Photo Credits: Brian Flax
Jersey images shown by kind permission of W. Heck