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Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago System Leadership Initiative presentation frame

For a number of years, now, we have been producing presentation frames for the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, when they have employees who will be retiring. We were approached by our contact at the FRBC about creating something different, a presentation frame as a gift to a departing member of their System Leadership Initiative team that would be a collage of their SLI logo, a photo of the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank building and a laser-etched inscribed metal plate.

No matter what type of organization you may be associated with, we can create something unique for you to present to outgoing staff, board members, donors, whatever their role. We can incorporate logos, medallions, photos, engraved or etched metal plates or any other related materials. Let us know what sort of presentation plaque or frame you may want us to create and we can work up a design with a price quote with no obligation.

Below, you will see a few photos of this frame, which is 14 x 20 inside (inside the frame). The frame is a Larson-Juhl "Academie" Black (actually, a very dark plum color) with gold trim, a printed logo at the top in a (navy blue) double matted opening with rounded corners and, at the bottom, a black metal laser etched plate with gold lettering showing. The recipient's name has been redacted from the photos to protect
their privacy.

FRBC SLI Plate detail Detail #2- Laser etched plate (name photoshopped out)

FRBC-SLI Frame detailDetail #3- Frame corner
Federal Reserve Bank System Leadership Initiative Frame
FRBC System Leadership Initiative Frame Detail 1
Detail #1- Logo in mat opening above photo of Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago