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Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Retirement Frames

Federal Reserve Bank Retirement Frame We were commissioned to create retirement frames for retiring employees of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago a while back. We have been creating these on an annual basis, with the format being fairly uniform. The frame, or plaque, contains a bronze FRBC Medallion at the top, uncirculated US Currency from the Chicago Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, and an engraved plate, thanking the employee for their years of service. We have photo-shopped out the recipient's name in the photos to protect their privacy.

The denomination of the 6 pieces of currency or bills adds up to the number of years of their service to the Fed. It is rather clever. This is done for employees of the FRBC who retire. We, also, create similar frames to retiring members of the Board of Directors of the FRBC (see below). However, in that case, the 6 types of uncirculated US Currency are, basically, one of everything ($100 dollar bill, $50, $20, $10,$5 and $1. The $2 is no longer being printed).

FRBC Bd. of director's retirement frame
Federal Reserve Retirement Frame plate detail
bronze medallion for Federal Reserve retirement frame