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Fan-Shaped Frame

A client brought in a fan-shaped program booklet from a dance event that was held in San Juan, Puerto Rico that he wanted to present to a friend and wanted it framed. We came up with a novel design that mimicked the shape of the program and gave it a rich, textured backdrop upon which to showcase it. For the frame, we used a Larson 320340 Nouveau, a moulding that contains a lot of graceful elements.

The frame consists of 7 short segments with the miter angles being adjusted to about 17 degrees to create the basic arc at the top.The angles where the arc joins the "V" shape were a little over 90 degrees and the vertex at the bottom of the "V" shape was a 90 degree angle. A little basic geometry was used to figure out what each angle had to be.

The program was floated on a piece of Bainbridge 4411 "Chai" Tatami silk mat board and the glass we used was True-Vue AR anti-reflective glass, so that all the details would be visible with little or no reflection. Overall size is about 14 1/2 x 10 1/2".

Design conceived and executed by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF

Images shown by kind permission of our client.