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Extra-Long Canvas for Motorola Mobility
Our shop manager, Dana Fisher, had figured out how to create, transport and stretch on-site a canvas that would be 20 feet long. When she got a call from an East Coast PR firm that was in need of someone who could stretch a canvas that was about 20 1/2 feet long x 8 1/2 feet tall, she told them " Sure, no problem......." What she did this time, like the previous time, was design and build a stretcher that was going to be made in 6 pieces (not including the cross bars). The 20.5 foot sections were two, 10.25 foot sections  that had a tongue-in-groove splice that got bolted together on-site before stretching. That way, everything would fit in the freight elevator at The Chicago Merchandise Mart, where the showroom is where this canvas would hang. Here are a couple of photos of the stretcher being assembled and canvas stretched, along with the final canvas on the wall (in an Andy Warhol-themed image).

Dana took the production photo and the carpenter who helped her move it and hang it took the photo of the canvas once it was up on the wall. This was all for an open house at Motorola Mobilty, now owned by Google.  Canvas was stretched by Dana Fisher, MCPF. Images shown by kind permission of Lauren Hokrein at