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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 431-9588
Mission Statement
For decades, our company motto was "Service, Quality and Integrity." Frankly, in this day and age that is a given and is expected by our customers and framing clients. Over the last 32 years of our 74+ years in business, we have worked hard to refine our picture framing expertise and become the destination of choice for picture framing in the downtown Chicago Loop.  Our trademarked motto "We Frame Your World" is what we are in business to do: Give our clients the very best, most creative, skillfully executed framing designs possible with the best available materials. Whatever you want to put on your walls of your home or office, it is just as important to us, as it must be for you, that it look pleasing and expertly done. Nothing less will do. We guarantee your satisfaction or we will re-frame it to make it so.

Pricing Policies

With regard to the items sold on this website, our prices are competitive to the degree that we believe we can make a profit on them, stay in business and make you happy. We cannot, simply, trade dollars or compete with with companies like Amazon. Companies that try that approach often fail. It is nearly impossible to scale up a company, these days, without first being profitable.

Having said that, we believe in quoting clients on larger or complex framing projects in a way that may allow us to pass through some economies of scale. Sometimes our quote may include a volume discount. If you are simply buying merchandise off this website, note that there may be quantity incentives shown in the pricing tables. In other cases, there may be free value-added items or services included.

But in every case, we will always give you what you pay for. Our goal is your total satisfaction.

Due Date

If you come into our frame shop and have us do work for you, please let us know, up front, if there is an absolute need-by date or a firm deadline. If not, we will, generally, go by the due date our computer assigns to your framing project and will print that out on our work order and your receipt that you will receive when the paperwork is generated at the end of the design consultation.

Because picture framing requires such a unique blend of skills, materials, and varying amounts of time to execute our designs, circumstances usually dictate that your due date will be a moving target.  Sometimes we finish earlier than predicted, sometimes on the assigned due date and, sometimes, later than that. Please understand that we will not be inclined to adjust your quoted price if your job is finished after the approximate due date if you have not advised us, up front, that you needed it by a specific date. Our desire to please you is absolute, but we cannot always control the chaos that sometimes intervenes in our daily routine or our framing production. For example, there will be times when a picture framing moulding, from any particular vendor, may be out of stock for a while. Or, there will be a quality control issue that needs to be addressed when the frame comes in from the supplier. What we do is just-in-time custom manufacturing and it is not something that sits on a shelf in a warehouse. We create, for you, a "bespoke" product, something that is custom made, unique and beautiful. Sometimes, perfection takes time. If all you, really, want is "quick and good enough", tell us up front and we will find a solution that meets that criteria too.

While we are only human, what we do sometimes looks like the work of magicians. We are called upon to do the impossible (or, at the very least, the very difficult) so often, either from a skill set standpoint or a time standpoint, that we often think that our motto should really be "Miracles Made Fresh Daily."

Payments and Deposits For Custom Framing

Because we require working capital to build your frames, we will ask you for a deposit, up front. You may consent to pay us a 50% deposit or you may pay for your framing in full. This requirement ensures that you will return for your framing project in a timely fashion. Also, we now offer a cash discount to our framing clients. This means that if you pay by cash or business check, we will give you a 3% discount off the total or the balance due. It costs us nearly 3% to take a credit card and, frankly, we would rather give that 3% to you, our client.

Privacy Policy

We will never sell your contact information to anyone. Period. Our relationship with our customers is priceless and we would never do anything to compromise that. We will only send you emails, newsletters or special offers with your express permission and you can opt out at any time if you find them bothersome or of no value.

Web Order Returns Policy

We guarantee the quality of the products we sell and the accuracy of our descriptions on our website. If, for any reason, the items you purchase from us do not live up to your expectations, feel free to return those items to us within 30 days of receipt in their original condition and packaging for a refund. Defective items will be replaced at no charge (if you still want a replacement). Please enclose a photocopy of your original shipping receipt that we sent with your shipment originally.

The following items are modifications or exceptions to the above policy:

Broken Glass:  While our packaging of picture frames with glass is quite thorough and time tested, it is always possible for glass to arrive broken. If that is the case, and the frame is not damaged from the glass, just let us know and we will send you a replacement sheet of glass well packed. Please do not attempt to return broken glass to us. The shipping cost is not worth it and it is dangerous for you to be handling it. We cannot accept any liability for mishandled glass, broken or intact. We may, at our option (and with your consent), send you a sheet of plexiglass as a replacement instead. It is lighter in weight than glass, shatter resistant and just as clear as glass. It costs us more, but is may be safer and easier to send to you, especially if it is large.

Paper Products: We will only accept returns of matting if it has been cut incorrectly in either overall size or opening size, or if there appears to be a defect in the board's manufacture. It is always possible that you may encounter tiny specks or inclusions in the matting that are the result of the manufacturing process. Often, they can be carefully dug out with an X-Acto knife. However, if they prove to be (what we sometimes call) "buried treasure" or an "iceberg" that is larger below the surface than they appear, we will be happy to replace it with a fresh board cut to size at no charge. Otherwise, they are not returnable.

Arakawa Hanging System Hardware:  Since all orders for Arakawa Hanging System products are ordered in to your specification, they are not returnable unless shown to be defective. It is pertinent, at this time, to point out that in the 20+ years we have sold their products, we have never had a defective item. Not one.
The one exception, with regard to returns, is that we will allow you to exchange product one time on the initial buy-in if, for example, you ordered 10 cables and 15 rails clips, but needed only 10 rail clips and would rather have more picture hooks. Or, perhaps, you ordered in all your cables in 5 foot lengths but really needed 7 or 8 foot lengths. In other words, we will help you balance out what you need for the initial installation. We want you to be happy with your purchase decision and we want you to have the complete solution to your hanging system needs at the outset of your introduction to Arakawa. To help avoid this problem, we recommend that you consult with us at the start of the design process to help you figure out what you really need to get the job done. This avoids wasted time and money.