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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
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Diploma Framing and Certificate Framing

In the downtown Chicago Loop, where our frame shop is located, there are a lot of colleges and universities. In addition, there are a ton of law firms and attorneys. Invariably, we end up taking in small collections of diplomas and certificates from these clients who have decided that it might be high time to put their credentials up on the walls of their office. Usually, attorneys bring in their undergraduate degree, their law degree, their Illinois law license, their Federal law license and any other certificates of achievement that they consider important (very often all at once after they have languished in their drawers for a number of years).

Because we serve an affluent, educated clientele, we get a lot of college diplomas to frame as well. Some are 11 x 8 1/2", the size of a standard sheet of copy paper. Many post-grad degrees and industry certificates are larger in size. While we carry a number of ready-made frames that are designed for certificates and diplomas, we really shine when it comes to custom framing your diploma. You know, the one that took you 4+ years to earn and many $$$$. It seems inadequate, sometimes, for it to be the sole symbol of all that work and expense. But because it's important to you, coupled with the fact that we have framed so many of them over the years, we can do some really creative things with them and make them look as important as they truly are.

Design Considerations
When we design framing for diplomas, we look at a number of elements. If there is a school logo with specific colors and/or metallic highlights, we try to work that into the matting design. The frame has more to do with your personal sense of style and taste, as well as where it will end up hanging (i.e. home versus office). We have a large selection of frame mouldings in furniture finishes that look great and hang anywhere, so if you need to match your office furniture with walnut, mahogany, cherry or some other hardwood, we have it covered.

For those who are on a tight budget or time frame, we also carry ready-made frames that are set up to hold documents and diplomas that are 11 x 8 1/2. Usually, the glass size is 14 x 11 in those frames. If you have a larger document to frame, we can use a 20 x 16 ready made frame and cut a custom mat for it.