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Dancing with the Stars

This framing collage came with a great story attached to it: Sammy Powers and his lady dance partner went down to St. Louis to enter a dance contest. Everything was going really well until a button on his sleeve got caught in her hair. It was all downhill from there. However, it created a very memorable moment for the couple, one that he wished to commemorate and give to her as a Christmas gift. Among the items in the shadowbox is a plate that is captioned "Meet Me In St. Louis" as well as the offending button. Here is what it looked like:

The red straps were part of her dress and the white button is mounted on a separate platform. The photo of the client and his dance partner is mounted on a suede matboard platform with little white pins at the corner like were used in their dance costume.

The frame is a Larson-Juhl 214650 Tate Black Cap the is 11/16" tall. It is a semi-gloss finish with a brushed line pattern in it not too unlike a vinyl music LP. Dana used Anti-reflective glass and Bainbridge 4165 Coal Black Suede Alphamat for the shadowbox and platforms.

Frame designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF
Images shown by kind permission of Sammy Powers.