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Star Trek: The Next Generation Collage Frame

Our client, Steve, worked in the television industry for many years and is a huge fan of the premier television shows that included the Star Trek, Stargate SG-1 and Battlestar Galactica universes. One of his associates was making things with a 3D printer and Steve asked him to make a number of 3-D printed titles that he could use in framed collages of visuals from those shows, along with his collection of autographed collectors cards of the characters from those shows. Steve went to all the science fiction conventions where these actors appeared and secured their autographs for this very long-term collectible project. While we had already done one of these framing projects for him and our framing team member, Julie Kotulak,CPF, worked closely with him to design and create these other framed collages you will see represented on these, and other, Flax website pages. She had to select a frame or frames that were deep enough to accommodate the 3D titles and, still, have the look of a futuristic outer-space construct. Julie knocked it out of the park, as you will see below.

Star Trek: The Next Generation shadowbox

Acting Crew group photo in Star Trek: Next Gen. Frame
3-D Printed title for Star Trek: Next Gen. Collage Frame
The frame (glass size) is 23 x 21 1/2. It is an Omega 83782 1 1/8" Metal Veneer Tall Slope. The matting is Bainbridge 4707 Niagra Blue on top, Bainbridge 8085 Nickel Alphamat AC on the bottom. The title is a 3D Printed edition provided by our client. There are 11 openings in all. Glass is Tru-Vue Museum Glass, which is anti-reflective and filters out 99% of ultra-violet light to prevent fading..

Designed and executed by Julie H. Kotulak, CPF
Photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF