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Chinese Scroll Shadowbox

One of our clients went to China with her husband and brought back some beautiful artifacts and souvenirs. This beautiful silk scroll was one of them. We framed it in a deep Max Moulding wood frame with scratched silver foil leafing and lined it with Crescent 7114 black suede matting. We had to sew the scroll down all along its perimeter and in numerous places to hold the ends of the wooden scrolls in place.

Glazing was U/V "OP3" plexiglass, as the box was too long to use glass (anything longer than 60"). The horizontal shadowbox has large D-Rings on each end for hanging instead of wire on the back. This size and shape of shadowbox can also use one long French Cleat or a pair of shorter ones at each end to hang it on the wall. We use aluminum extruded Z-Bar french cleats that can be bought in 60" lengths and cut to whatever size you wish. They are very strong and hold a lot of weight. You must be careful, though, to make sure that, if your frame is long and narrow, the frame is stout enough to support its weight when it all hangs from the top leg of the frame. If not, use D-rings on the two vertical end-legs.

Elsewhere in the Framescape Galleryl section of our website (under "Collectibles & Memorabilia") are some oxhide puppets she brought back on the same trip. Check out how we handled framing them!

Framing designed and executed by Brian Flax, CPF
Photo credits: Brian D. Flax, CPF
Images by kind permission of B. Speiser.