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Ceramic Plates from Spain Shadowbox

A client of ours had just returned from a trip to Spain with her husband and brought back some lovely, hand-painted ceramic plates that she wanted us to frame in a shadowbox. We used a Fotiou 3646GO antique gold wood frame that is about 1" deep. The shadowbox is a one-piece, fold-up mat board box in Bainbridge 8426 Parakeet Green. We used ArtGlass AR Water White Anti-Reflective Glass, with the final frame size being 10 1/2 x 13 1/2. The plates are secured with small amounts of silicone adhesive. We had thought about using piano wire hooks at three or 4 points on each plate, but it looked too invasive (though it makes a better mechanical fastener and would have been the preferred method if the objects being framed were larger and heavier). This is what we did for our client:

Framing designed, executed  and photographed by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Images shown by kind permission of A. Puri.

The vertical orientation of the frame allows for the use of less lateral wall space and looks better.
You can see how the inside vertical face of the frame is covered with the same mat board as the main platform supporting the plates. This was done with a single piece of mat board with fold lines that corresponded with the inside of the frame rabbets.
Closeup detail of the moulding used for the frame, showing the outer roped edge and the inner lip with a repeating pattern.