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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
(312) 431-9588

Catlin Insurance, Chicago

While we are not a gallery, we do show a bunch of different prints and posters. Among them are a few original works of art and photography. One of our long time framing clients, Jonathan Michael Johnson, is an extraordinary photographer who has amassed a superb collection of urban Chicago images done in HDR (high dynamic range or multi-exposure). One October a few years back, two vice-presidents from Catlin Insurance (a multi-national re-insurance company) came into our shop to look for art to decorate the walls of their brand new offices in Chicago. We had an example of Jonathan's work on the wall and they were quite taken with it. We put them in touch with Jonathan and he arranged to come to their office, measure the walls, photograph the areas that needed framed art, and then put together a presentation that showed suggested works of his superimposed in those areas. They liked what they saw and gave him an order for 13 large photo images. JJ  (as Jonathan's friends call him) collaborated with our shop manager, Dana, on the framing design. A deep, white, wood shadowbox depth frame (Larson-Juhl 119631) was selected for all 13 photos. They were glazed with ArtGlass Water White anti-reflective glass. Each photo was mounted on a platform and then framed within a shadowbox so that it appeared to float. She used Crescent 9500 White Glove mat board within the shadowbox frames. The result was clean, colorful and perfect for the environment in which they would hang. Most of the frames were, approximately, 48 x 36" in size, with minor variations up or down. Also, they needed them to be framed and installed within two weeks. While difficult to do, it was choreographed brilliantly between JJ and Dana and they got it done for the client within their time frame. The end result turned out great. Jonathan photographed the installation upon completion, most of which we present here for your viewing pleasure: