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African Carved Wood Sculpture in a Shadowbox Frame

Carved wood African sculpture in shadowbox frame
A gentleman from Nigeria brought in a beautiful, dark-stained wooden sculpture, from his homeland, for us to frame. This was, definitely, a candidate for a shadowbox frame. Brian Flax designed the piece for his client. While, normally, a shadowbox frame does not utilize a mat on the front of the frame, it worked out better to do so in this case.The frame is an Omega Moulding 80774 Walnut with black edges, Ultra-Vu anti-reflective glass and a Crescent fabric mat 7571 Delft Brown. The sculpture was held in place with a couple mechanical aids (dark brown thread and a clear mylar band. No adhesives or screws were used on the object. The framing is totally reversible if the object was ever needed to be removed from the shadowbox frame. Here are some detail photos:

African sculpture shadowbox detail 1Detail #1

African sculpture shadowbox detail #2Detail #2

African sculpture shadowbox detail #3Detail #3

Shadowbox frame design and photos by Brian Flax, CPF
Framing executed by Julie Kotulak, CPF
Images courtesy of Mr. Percy G.