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CareerBuilder Canada Client Gift

We have a done a number of client gifts for CareerBuilder, a Chicago-based job search firm and, recently, someone from the CareerBuilder Canada office in Montreal called to ask if we could create something for them to send a prospective client if they sent us a web-based press release with the client's logo and some copy off a press release. We had the press release output on an Epson color printer in two sizes, one for the copy and one to enlarge the client's logo. We also had to find and print out the blue and orange CareerBuilder Canada logo as well.

The mat is cut from Crescent Brite Core 34921 red-core black mat board, with three openings and a "V" groove connecting the three boxes visually. We used Tru-Vue Conservation Clear u/v filtering glass to keep the cost down but still protect the contents from fading and used a Nielsen 117 Brushed Satin Nickel metal frame to give it a clean, contemporary look. They asked us to do 2 of them (one for the client, one for their office wall) as shown above.

While it is our preference that the client supply us with all the materials to go into any framing job, we have done enough of these that we were able to get everything printed out to our satisfaction.

Frame design by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Images by Kind permission of Ross Levadi / CareerBuilder Canada.