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Medical School Sign Mats

At this writing, we own and use  (a lot) a Wizard 9000Z CMC (computerized mat cutter) for all our mat cutting. It is an expensive machine that cuts our mat cutting time down to a fraction of what we used to need to cut a mat. And while we did it by hand for decades, when we had the chance to automate this part of our business, we were eager to try it. We are now on our 4th machine in 20+ years, with each machine getting better and more useful. This one cuts, not only, mats in 4 and 8 ply thickness, but multiple opening mats, cut art shapes and letters. It also has embossing tools that can emboss letters or shapes into the face of the matting. It has a pen tool for drawing on mats, along with a cutter for cutting your letters or shapes in pressure sensitive vinyl. We have yet to attempt anything in the last two functions, as we are so busy doing stuff in the first two.

Having said all that, here are a couple of signs that we cut and framed for a private school in Florida that teaches medical procedures and nursing;

Please note that in letters such as "R", "e", "p", "A", "o" and "g", there is a part of the letter that would, normally, fall out. We preserved these elements and glued them back onto the bottom mat (in this case, a white mat) to keep the letter whole and recognizable. We designed and cut these mats using existing letter fonts and symbols in our Wizard's computerized cut art library that comes with the machine.

As you can see, we used a fairly plain type font that the machine could cut in a condensed manner. In the top mat, we incorporatred a V-groove surrounding the letters along with two heart shapes positioned to coincide with the v-groove. On the bottom sign, you can see that we "fanned" the word Respiratory to mimic what happens when you inhale and your chest expands. Each sign tells a story. The cardio sign was red (like blood) and the respiratory sign was blue (like the color of air or the sky). It isn't just about the words.