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Canada Trip Post Cards Framed Collage

Canada Trip Place Card Framed Collage
Some friends of ours took a bus tour trip across Western Canada last year and brought back a collection of postcards from each of the places they visited.They asked me if I had any good ideas for framing them. "You betcha!" I said. The photo above is the end result. It is 21" wide and 28" long (glass size). The postcards are attached to the bottom mat (Crescent 9501 Spinach Green) and the top mat has the mat openings enlarged about 1/4" all around, so you can see the bottom mat. The top mat is Crescent 9735 "Denali", a cream & brown mottled pattern.

Corner detail of Canada Collage
The frame we used a Larson-Juhl "Cumberland Natural Cherry" that is 1 1/4" wide on its visible front face. It is a gorgeous piece of wood with an expressive grain. The glass we used is Conservation Clear by Tru-Vue, which filters out 99% of harmful u/v light and prevents fading.

Detail #2 of Canada collage frame
On a trip we took in 1972, we traveled to Lake Louis in Banff. British Columbia. The lake really is the color you see in the postcard. It is stunningly beautiful!

If you ever have an opportunity, you should try the cross-Canada trip, from British Columbia on the far west to Quebec on the far east. It is very beautiful and gives you a real feeling for how our continent is sculpted by time and nature. You can either drive the Trans-Canada Highway or take a railroad trip across Canada if you would rather not drive. Either way, it is an amazing trip. We did it in early August, 1972 in a VW Camper with 5 guys fresh out of high school before we all headed off to college.

--Framing design, execution, photos and narration by Brian D. Flax, CPF
--Images shown by kind permission of Chuck and Jan R.