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Bank of America Marathon 2012 Collage (Frame #2)
Our client came in with a bunch of memorabilia from her run in the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2012. It consisted of two photos  (one of her crossing the finish line and the other with her wearing her completion medallion. She also had her number "bib" from the run and a small BOA map showing the route of the Marathon.

We mounted the photos, map and runner's bib number on Bainbridge 8020 Rave Red mat board and put a foam board riser (3/16" thick) under each element. The drop-in shadowbox we used was Bainbridge 8021 Stadium Blue. Both colors coordinated with the BOA logo colors.
The medal is held in place with a small dab of silicone adhesive on the back. The ribbons are held down by strips of Doubletack, an archival pressure sensitive adhesive film. The ribbons are wrapped around the back of the shadowbox and secured with cloth tape. An alternate way to secure the ribbon would have been to sew it in place with red thread, but time and cost were a consideration. Note that the ribbon forms a "V" shape. We decided to mount the photos at an angle to mimic the "V". It added some visual interest that looked way better than just squaring the two photos up parallel to the sides of the frame. The frame, itself, is a black wood Nielsen Tribeca ready-made frame, size 20 x 24, that works well for this sort of thing. It is 1" deep and economically priced when cost and/or timing is an issue.

Framing designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Photo credits:  Brian D. Flax, CPF
Images shown by kind permission of C. O'Neill