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Autographed Ballet Slippers Shadowbox

One of our long-time clients brought in a pair of ballet slippers belonging to a well-known Joffrey Ballet company prima ballerina. She had autographed the slippers and given them to our client who wished to bestow them upon his granddaughter. The slippers are inscribed with a message to the granddaughter, making them extra special.

The slippers were sewn down onto a piece of Bainbridge 4208 suede mat that also had some embossed flourishes added to the corners by our Wizard computerized mat cutter, adding a subtle bit of decoration. The frame is a Larson 393405 deep shadowbox scoop profile, along with True-Vue AR glass, size 15 x 15.

You should consider bringing in your children's baby shoes, along with some photos or other memorabilia from their childhood (they grow up so fast!). We can create an equally exquisite presentation to preserve those fleeting moments when they were little.

Or, maybe, you have a favorite pair of decorated tennis shoes from your school days or, possibly, a pair of combat boots from your military service days. There is no end to the stories that these objects can tell and the memories they might evoke. We'd be glad to collaborate with you to make a shadowbox for the wall in your home or office that tells a story.

Designed and executed by Dana Fisher, MCPF

Images by kind permission of our client.