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Auto Racing Jumpsuit Shadowbox

One of our clients liked to race fast cars and had a flame-retardant, protective jumpsuit that he wore while racing. His lovely and charming wife, Penny, rescued it before it could be discarded and suggested that he frame it. Our client brought it in, along with some small replica signal flags used at racetracks as well as some action photos of the 3 race cars he drove.

With this collection of memorabilia, our shop manger, Dana, designed a 32" x 68" shadowbox 2 1/2" deep. The basic frame is an Omega 80770 black cap 1" wide. The inside lip is fitted with a Larson-Juhl Confetti collection Yellow fillet 1/4" wide (#L115632). Due to the size of the piece, OP3 u/v filtering plexiglass was used instead of glass. Everything was sewn down onto an oversize sheet of Bainbridge 4284 "Pot-o-Gold" glazed linen mat board. Dana even figured out how to make the mini-flags look like they are flapping in the breeze using bent clear mylar sheet and adhesive.

In addition, note that the photographs have been mounted on mat board and then have risers behind them that allow them to hang out over the suit. The yellow fillet coordinates with the yellow accents on the suit. The client was delighted with the framing, and he and his wife carried it out the front door to their nearby condo.

Frame designed and executed by Dana Fisher, CPF

Photo shown by kind permission of Leo and Penny Shapiro.