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Ald. Mell Retirement Presentation Frame

Retirement Framing: Chicago Alderman Richard Mell

We got a call from the office of one of our regular framing clients, Chicago Alderman Edward Burke, regarding a colleague who was retiring and to whom they wanted to give a framed retirement gift: Dick Mell. Alderman Mell has been a long time fixture in Chicago politics and has several distinctions, aside from a long and illustrious career: He is the father-in-law of the now-jailed Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich. That aside, the photograph shown in the shadowbox frame below is a famous newspaper photo showing him standing on his desk in the Chicago City Council during the Council Revolt against our late mayor Harold Washington. As the late Mayor Richard J. Daley once said, "Politics Ain't Beanbag......"

The frame is a Gemini G-3800 coffee cap with silver edges made to size 29 x 24. The shadowbox is Crescent 1613 Very White, signed in gold paint markers by the current Alderman of the Chicago City Council. The glass is Artglass Water White Anti-Reflective glass. The silver plate with black engraving was done by Scott Kurtz of United Crystal Co. and Engravers.

Frame designed and executed by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Photos by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Images shown by kind permission of Alderman Burke's office.