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Afghanistan Medevac Unit Shadowbox Frame

Our client, Gary Cohen, the CEO of Employee Resource Systems, Inc., brought in an American flag that had flown aboard a medevac helicopter in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, along with a certificate. It was a gift to a Chicago hospital, Rush Medical Center, that had helped to provide a large number of medical training manikins for teaching field medics to intibate wounded soldiers. This hospital had a surplus of them and Gary was instrumental in getting them to the people who could use them in the field in Afghanistan (also known as the Dummy Airlift). The military staff who received them sent this flag and certificate back as a way of saying thanks for the great effort. Gary asked us to design and frame a meaningful shadowbox frame as a gift for the staff at Rush.

The shadowbox frame is 17 x 23 1/8" inside and was done in a Larson 146791 Gramercy Silver, The glass is ArtGlass UV anti-reflective, u/v filtering glass (similar to Tru-Vue Museum Glass). The mats were Crescent 5502 Torrent over B12016 Bridal eil White and Crescent 9874 Red Line. You can see that the frame has a triple mat, with the Blue suede on top, the white mat in the middle and the red mat on the bottom to provide the patriotic emphasis.

Note that the engraved plate is on its own platform made from the blue suede matting. The Dwyer Dustoff certificate is in a mat opening in the shadowbox. The flag is in a triangular mat opening that is a pocket, into which the flag was sewn:  Three different elements, 3 different mounting techniques .

The last photo shows the composition of the mounted elements just prior to being put into the frame. It sits against the lined inside of the frame. Note how the flag sticks up above the matting. This was taken into account and the inside of the frame is lined with blue suede box strips to hold the flag in place, away from the glass.  The flag had to be re-folded, as it came in not perfectly done. It needed to be nice ,crisp and tight to fit into the shadowbox pocket that held it prior to sewing it in place. We have framed enough American flags over the years, now, to say that we are experts at folding them properly!

Frame designed, crafted and photographed by Brian D. Flax, CPF
Images shown by kind pemission of Gary Cohen of ERS, Inc,