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Seascape Acrylic Painting On Canvas Over 9 Feet Long

Oversize Acrylic Painting On Canvas-Stretched
Our client brought in this beautiful acrylic painting on canvas. At first, it looks like an abstract but, on closer inspection, it is a seascape with the sun peaking through the clouds. You can see, in the photo foreground, the silver and black Larson-Juhl Floater frame we used to frame it (#L517270). But because it was over 8 feet in length, we had to build our frame with a splice joint in the long rails, since the frame moulding only comes in 8 to 9 foot rails. We would have needed to start with a 10 foot rail to do this without a splice. We looked at all our floater frames and there were none that came that way. This frame looked the best on the canvas, so we opted to go with the splice. It is barely noticeable and it worked out fine, since the stretcher upon which the canvas is mounted, gets screwed into the bottom portion of the "L"-shaped floater frame. The front-facing silver edge of the frame is 3/4 of an inch wide, so the angled splice is hard to see anyway.

Lowering the 110.5" canvas into the floater frame
The canvas was stretched on a Richeson Art Pro-Bar hybrid aluminum and wood stretcher, which can be ordered in nearly any length you wish, though once you get over 12 feet, you need to figure lap joint splices to maintain the length you desire. Above is a photo where you can see the supporting crossbar lattice on the back of the stretched canvas being lowered into the floater frame. The hybrid Pro-Bars have an aluminum structure, with a wooden rail attached to the outside of the aluminum to provide a place to which the canvas can be stapled. They are very stable, with key-able (expandable) corners and are considered the Rolls-Royce of stretcher bars. In June, 2019, we stretched 10 screen printed canvases about this size for the German artist Anne Imhof, who had an exhibition in the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. All 10 were stretched on Richeson Pro-Bars. We had a very short timeline to do all this and the Pro-Bars made it possible to get the work done quickly, accurately and very professionally..

Preparing to insert the canvas into the floater frame
Canvas in the frame ready to be screwed together
Framing designed by Brian Flax, CPF
Framing execution by Dana L. Fisher, MCPF and Kelly Spruth, CPF
Images shown courtesy of our client J.B.
Photography by Brian Flax