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A Large Stretched Canvas, Double-Framed

a double-framed canvas
In early 2020, just before the Covid-19 Pandemic hit, we designed and framed a client's canvas to hang in their apartment. They were kind enough to send us photos of the framing project once it was hung on the wall. It turned out great and looks sensational! What was most unusual, about it, was the way we framed it. The canvas was, first, framed with a traditionally shaped, gold-leafed frame. This type of frame has a lip on it that comes up over the outer edge of the canvas. After fitting the canvas to the gold leafed traditional frame, we installed it in a contemporay "floater" frame with some pull-away all around the edge. The gold accent looks great next to all the bright colors of the canvas. The floater frame gives it some drama and "gravitas". The whole composition is way more dramatic than either frame, on its own, could impart to the finished product. While we, usually, select one type of frame or the other, the client's wishes (in this case) created a frame design using two precious metal colors that was exactly what the canvas needed. Well done!

Framed canvas stacked inside floater frame

In-home photos by Ms. Gerbaud
In-shop photos by Brian Flax