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5 Foot Square Photograph of Original Art

A number of years back, we tackled a huge project for a Chicago artist named Tony Orrico. Tony's brand of art was unique, in that he createdit as a performance too. I refer to him as The Human Spirograph, since he created a series of circles using chunks of graphite, while lying prone on the drawing paper and moving his arms in arcs and his body in circles like a compass. It is unique, to say the least, and produced a very cool set of patterns. Tony did a large piece of work at one point, and had it photographed and printed out on a large format printer. We framed it for him in a frame 60 x 60 3/8. It was a heavy duty, matte white, cap moulding from Studio Moulding, #ST23460, that was 1 5/8" wide on its face and 2 3/8" tall. This was a huge shadowbox frame, with 5/8" tall box strips. The art was  hinged to a piece of Rising mat board that started out as a sheet 60 x 104. The plexiglass was 3/16" thick (as opposed to 1/8") to minimize bowing. It was a fun and challenging project. Check it out:

Framing designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Art shown courtesy of the artist, Tony Orrico.