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220 S. Wabash Ave. Chicago, IL 60604
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The Arakawa Hanging System:
Never drive a nail into the wall again. Ever.
We've been selling, consulting about, and installing the Arakawa Hanging System for several decades. It's a new twist on an old idea--the gallery rail. There are several weight classes of rails and cables, as well as rails that attach to the ceiling or the wall. For those art collectors and galleries who like to move framed items around fairly often, this is a dream come true. The only hardware you attach to the wall, with screws, is the rail. Everything else hangs from the rail. Easy to install, easy to hang, easy to adjust--What could be easier?
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The Framescape Gallery: Search for framing ideas
Examples of our work and picture framing at its best. A great album of ideas!
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For Chicago Prints & Posters
Chicago Neighborhoods Map #2
For wood, ready-made picture frames by Nielsen Bainbridge.

Eco-Care Readymade Frame
For metal, ready-made picture frames by Framatic

Recent Framing Works at Flax:
Being located in downtown Chicago, we are near the seat of Federal agencies, such as the U.S. District Court, The Federal Reserve Bank, The U.S. Attorney's Office and more. When staff or board members retire or move on, we are called upon to create framed "plaques", or commemorative shadowbox or collage frames, containing items relevant to the person's career. Here are some of the items we have created for these agencies recently:

Retirement Frame For U.S. Attorney's Office in Chicago
US Attorney's Office Retirement Frame
U.S. Pretrial Services Retirement Frame

Probation Officer Retirement Collage Frame

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Retirement Frames

Federal Reserve Bank Retirement Frames

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