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Recent Framing Projects at Flax Art & Frame:

While the word, "cool" is, often, over used, we never tire of it in our frame shop. Our clients bring us so many really interesting items to frame that are, well, cool. This month we are showcasing 4 areas of interest that we have, recently, completed framing.
-Concert posters, either purchased by our client(s) who attended the concert or something being given to the performer by the concert promoter or booking agent.
--An oversize item that was challenging to frame
--A huge portrait framing project we did for the US District Court  of Magistrate Judges
--A framed shadowbox of three "skateboard decks" designed and decorated by the famous artist/designer Murakami. Not only are the skateboard decks interesting, but the "flanged lip plexi box" that projects out the front of the frame is something you may have never seen, but can be done for nearly any 3-D object.

We hope you will be inspired by some of these things ("I didn't know you could frame that!") and will come visit us for a no-cost, no-obligation design consultation. We promise not to disappoint.
Framing Concert Posters From The "Merch" Table At Live Events

Grateful Dead Live at Soldier Field Framed Poster
Ethiopian Religious Oversize Painting Framing Project

Ethiopian Religious Paintin
U.S. District Court Magistrate Judges Framed Photo Portraits (41)

U.S. District Court Magistrate Judges Court Room

The Arakawa Hanging System:
Never drive a nail into the wall again to hang a picture. Ever.
We've been selling and consulting about the Arakawa Hanging System for several decades. It's a new twist on an old idea--the gallery rail. There are several weight classes of rails and cables, as well as rails that attach to the ceiling or the wall. For those art collectors and galleries who like to move framed items around fairly often, this is a dream come true. The only hardware you attach to the wall or ceiling, with screws, is the rail. Everything else hangs from the rail. Easy to install, easy to hang, easy to adjust--What could be easier?
Click here to learn more or to order Arakawa hardware.
Star Trek Memorabilia Collage
The Framescape Gallery: Search for framing ideas
Examples of our work and picture framing at its best. A great album of ideas!
Click here to learn more.

Introducing FLAX FRAMEWORX : Now you can FRAME ONLINE!

While we know that there are number of on-line service bureaus that allow you to upload your photos and have them printed out (and shipped back to you), it is harder to find frame shops that can do that AND FRAME THEM. Flax Art & Frame now offers this service. We call it Flax Frameworx. If you have a cell phone, then you have a camera and, probably, hundreds of photos stored on the phone, many of which you might want to print out and frame. Why not do that today?

While many people have access to a picture framing shop in their town, there are many who do not. After looking through our website, you can see how experienced we are and what a great job we will do when framing things for you. Now, you can upload your photos, pick out your matting treatment (single or double mats) and choose from 6 different Larson-Juhl quality frames.  We have curated a collection of frame mouldings that are high quality, timeless in design and look great with just about any photo.

You can either have us pack and ship your framed photos to you, or you can arrange to pick them up at our frame shop in the Chicago Loop. Either way, we promise that we will not disappoint. We use the same quality framing products, tools and work methods as our walk-in clients get.

Just remember this: The finished, printed photo is only as good as the jpeg (photo file) that you send us. If you are unfamiliar with the way photos enlarge from a shot taken by your phone, just know that a very small digital file will not allow you to blow up the photo very much. Our software will tell you the maximum size it can be printed. All photos should be in the .jpg format before being uploaded, which is what most phone cameras create. Also, you will find that if you try to upload an image you found on the internet, chances are it may be too small to enlarge. Most images posted on the internet have very small digital footprints and are optimized for quick loading. These are, usually, unsuitable for any kind of enlargement, unless you are, actually, looking to print a 4 x 6" photo.

Click Here to preview what frames will be shown on the Frameworx ordering site.

Click anywhere on the screen shot below and you will be taken to our
Flax Frameworx ordering site.

Framevue home page

For Chicago Prints & Posters
Century of Progress Poster
For wood, ready-made picture frames by Nielsen Bainbridge.

Eco-Care Readymade Frame
For metal, ready-made picture frames by Framatic

Luggage Storage Service
Bounce Luggage Storage
Whenever you are traveling and land in a strange city, the first thing that you might need to do would be to check in at the place you are staying, whether it is a hotel, an Air B 'n B, or a friend's dwelling. Or, you may have time to kill before you catch the next leg of your journey. But what do you do with your bags or luggage in the meanwhile? Rather than drag them around with you, why not store them for a few hours? How do you do that? The answer is Bounce.

The Bounce organization contacted us and, in September,  2021, we became one of their many luggage storage locations. We make it possible for you to store your bags at our frame shop, at 220 S. Wabash, for the day. During the week, we open at 9 am and close at 5:30 pm. Saturdays, we are open 10 am to 5 pm. For as little as $5.98 a bag we will, safely and securely, store your luggage for the day and then get you on your way promptly when you come to reclaim them. We have a secure storage area in our shop that can accommodate plenty of suitcases, backpacks, shopping bags etc. Bounce insures them, too, up to $10,000 (though we have never had an issue that required an insurance claim for luggage).

Our reviews are stellar and Bounce gives you a chance to leave a review after your experience with us. We are located in the Chicago Loop, about a block from The Art Institute of Chicago, one of the world-class art museums in the United States. If you plan to visit there, we are the closest place to check your bags (1 block away). We are half a block from the entrance to the CTA Elevated Trains that would take you to Midway Airport on the Orange Line. We are 2 1/2 blocks East of the CTA Blue Line subway that takes you to O'Hare. We are a 20-30 minute walk from either Union Station (Amtrak trains) or Ogilvie Transportation Center (the Metra Rail Station). So, even if you don't need any framing services, you can check your bags with us and go explore Chicago!


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