Due to the proximity of many businesses and non-profit institutions in the downtown,Chicago Loop, we get a lot of projects to work on that have to do with creating a framed keepsake that co-workers and colleagues wish to present to someone who is leaving the organization. This could be someone retiring or being promoted. It could be a thank-you to a donor. It could be a winning person or winning team. It could be someone who is exemplary and their peers wish to honor them. It might even be a newspaper or magazine article about a person or oganization that needs to be displayed in the office.

Whatever the reason, it usually involves  a bit of design creativity, often times an inscription or caption either on paper or engraved on a metal plate. Shown in this section are a number of examples of how we have interpreted our clients' wishes and created frames that tell stories.

                     Hyatt Sales AwardN.TrustAlex Ross USO Presentation FrameASCO Presentation Shadowbox