Ceiling-Mounted Hanging Hardware

For hanging items in the window, or from the ceiling where required, a different type of hanging rail or hanging hardware is available.  The most commonly used rail is the CRB1800, a 72" rail that screws to the existing surface of the ceiling. The rail clips used in this rail insert from the bottom and get twisted 90 degrees to lock in place. They can be moved in either direction left or right easily. The gripper, known as the BS1R may be used by itself or in concert with a floor-mounted piece of hardware called the BS23BRSET and another, floor mounted rail. This allows you to put tension on the hanging cables to prevent suspended artwork from swaying or swinging. Where there is no wall behind the art to prevent movement, a floor or window sill-mounted tensioner is recommended.

A Tensioner is a piece of hardware with a 1-way gripper on the end that has a screw mechanism that, when turned, pulls the cable tighter and tighter to minimize movement. 

The first time we saw this in use was with edge-gripping hardware used to hang signage in windows to prevent the signage from swaying. In another installation, we found the tensioners were used in conjunction with an array of small, uniformly sized artworks hung 4 in a column with 5 columns across a slightly curved wall in a hallway with a lot of traffic. Tensioners can also be used to stabilize horizontal, 1/4" plate glass shelves for display purposes.  (We will be showing the horizontal and vertical  edge-gripping hardware options at a later date.)

Below are images of the following:

CRB1800A Surface Mounted Ceiling Rail (far left photo)

CRC1800A Ceiling rails for inlay into grooves to create a flush-mounted hanging rail slot. (2nd from left photo)

BS1R Ceiling rail cable gripper hardward (2nd from right photo, shown upside down with gripper at top of photo).The BS1R will accomodate 3/64" or 1/16" cables. You may order compatible cables on the CRJ or CRE system pages, along with the corresponding picture hooks, depending upon what weight rating you require.

BS23BRSET floor mounted cable tensioner (optional) (far right photo)

CRB1800A Ceiling RailCRC Ceiling Rail for flush mounting BS1R Ceiling Rail GripperBS23BRSET Tensioner

Item Price Quantity
Item Price Quantity
Item Price Quantity
BS1R Arakawa Rail Clip For Ceiling-Mounted CRB/CRC rails-1/16     $20.50
Item Price Quantity
BS23BRSET Arakawa Track-Mounted Bottom Tensioner For 1/6     $85.50

Rail-less Cable Attachment For Ceiling

Where it is desireable to hang a single cable from any particular spot on the ceiling, there is a piece of hardware called the BS35SET that screws to the ceiling using 3 screws through a flanged plate (see photo below). It is designed to grab the end of the cable by depressing the top tube of the hardware. This is not designed to be used as a floor tensioner but, rather, a single attachment point for the ceiling or the underside of an enclosed space (like a shelf, for example).

It can be used with 3/64" or 1/16" stainless braided cables. It will support 40 lbs. using 3/64" cable and 65 lbs. using 1/16" cable. You can use this item where the ceiling is not uniformly flat and either varies in contour or has irregularly spaced mounting points. Once attached, they are not moveable like rail clips on a rail might be, but they are really intended to be a specialty solution only.


                                                                          BS35SET Ceiling Mount

Item Price Quantity
BS35SET Arakawa Ceiling-mounted, screw-on cable gripper for 3/64     $33.75