CRE 40 lb. hanging hardware

The CRE Hanging hardware by Arakawa is designed to handle up to 40 lbs. per cable. Unless the item being hung is small (11 x 14 or smaller), we recommend 2 cables and 2 hooks per item. You may, also, hang multiple items one above the other, either directly or offset (on cables 2 and 3 instead of 1 and 2 or 3 and 4). In our experience, you would probably not want to have more than 2 items hanging one above the other if their size exceeds 20 x 16, since you need to have them at a viewable height, with the bottom edge of the bottom frame somewhere between 42 to 48 inches off the floor.  A single item hung on two cables should be hung at a height where the average height person's eye should come about 1/3 of the way down from the top edge of the frame.  With multiple pieces, the eye should fall in between the two frames, requiring the viewer to look up a bit or down a bit to take in both pieces of art. If you were, for example, hanging three,  10 x 8's one above the other, the middle one would need to be at eyeball height or just slightly below it.

The beauty of this setup is that it is totally adjustable. The cables slide left or right, the picture hooks slide up or down, so you can tinker with the layout until it is exactly right for your situation. The above guidelines are general in nature and not meant to dictate any absolute instruction.

The CRE hardware consists of the following:

CRE Hanging rail (available in 24, 36 or 72" lengths) made from aluminum pre-drilled with screw holes, a plastic, paintable snap-on rail cover (far left photo).

CF1 Rail Clip (to attach the cable to the rail, middle picture) that hooks onto the bottom of the rail from any point and does not have to be slid on from the rail end (2nd from left photo).

CF1M Rail Clip-metallic finish (same function as CF1) 3rd photo from left.

AF3 Picture Hook (called a "Midway Hook" by Arakawa, it slides up and down the cable using a releasable, 1-way gripper--photo second from right). Also now available with a security loop closure on each hook (AF3P).

3/64" braided, stainless steel wire "aircraft" cable, cut to size with soldered ends to prevent unravelling (far right photo).


 Here is the order in which you should decide what to get for your Arakawa installation:

(1) Decide how many linear feet of wall you wish to cover: Then divide that number by 6 feet. This will give you the number of 6 foot rails to order. For fractions of a 6 foot section, you can either get 2 foot or 3 foot rails. We can also custom cut any of these for you.

(2) Decide how many pictures you might want to hang right now: You can always add more later but, initially, you need to decide what needs to go back up on the wall near term. Figure on ordering 2 cables, 2 rail clips and 2 picture hooks for each frame to be hung. If you are not sure (it might be a new space with nothing hanging in it right now), figure 2 frames for every 6 linear feet of rail. That is a comfortable capacity. Also, you can hang two frames on the same two sets of wires, one over the other if you have a taller ceiling or you wish to hang a bunch of frames in an array, for example, behind your couch, over your dining room buffet, the wall along a stairway, behind the dresser in your bedroom, along a long hallway, and so on.

(3) Determine how tall your walls are. Order cables that will run from an inch below the ceiling to approximately 4 feet off the floor. For rooms with an 8 foot ceiling, a 4 or 5 foot cable is sufficient. Excess cable can be coiled up behind the frame. 

(4) Double check your list:  

  • Quantity and length of rails (6 FEET, 3 FEET OR 2 FEET )
  • # of rail clips (TO ATTACH CABLE TO RAILS)
  • # of picture hooks (USE 2 PER FRAME)
  • length and quantity of cables (AT LEAST 3 FEET OFF THE FLOOR)

(5) Figure out your discount:

$0 up to $250- 0% discount

$250 up to $500- 3% discount

$500 up to $1000-5% discount

$1000 up to $1500-7% discount

$1500 or more-10% discount

The discount will not be shown on the shopping cart when checking out, but it will be deducted from the total, before shipping costs, when we process your order in our office. 


Below are pictures of these 5 items:

cf1 rail clipCF1M unpainted Rail Clip AF3 Picture Hook   3/64

Item Price Quantity
CRE600-A 24 inch long hanging rail w/cover     $28.75
Item Price Quantity
CRE900-A 36 inch long hanging rail w/cover     $35.50
Item Price Quantity
CRE1800-A 72 inch long hanging rail w/cover     $58.95
Item Price Quantity
CF1 Arakawa Rail Clip (Attaches Cable to Rail) for CRE 40lb. Capacity     $19.99
Item Price Quantity
CF1M Rail clip with metallic finish for CRE system Attaches cable to rail, 40 lb. capacity     $23.50
Item Price Quantity
AF3 Sliding Picture Hook (Slides up and down on cable) for 3/64     $17.99
Item Price Quantity
AF3P Sliding Picture Hook with Security Closure     $19.99
Item Price Quantity
364SS-2 2 Foot pre-cut length Arakawa 3/64     $2.25
Item Price Quantity
364SS-3 3 Foot pre-cut length Arakawa 3/64     $3.50
Item Price Quantity
364SS-4 4 foot Pre-cut Length Arakawa 3/64     $4.50
Item Price Quantity
364SS-5 5 Foot Pre-cut Length Arakawa 3/64     $5.50
Item Price Quantity
364SS-6 6 Foot Pre-Cut Length Arakawa 3/64     $6.75
Item Price Quantity
364SS-7 7 Foot Pre-cut Length Arakawa 3/64     $7.75
Item Price Quantity
364SS-8 8 Foot Pre-cut Length Arakawa 3/64     $8.99
Item Price Quantity
364SS-9 9 Foot Pre-cut length Arakawa 3/64     $9.99
Item Price Quantity
364SS-10 10 foot Pre-cut length Arakawa 3/64     $10.99