This section of our "Idea Wall" deals with framed collections of objects, photos, maps, etc. that one acquires while traveling the world. Some of the most memorable events in our lives often occur while traveling in foreign places. The events worth remembering are, usually, the ones worth framing. Things such as photos, ticket stubs, maps, something picked up on a beach, a souvenir,  all make up the ingredients for a travel collage. We find that we end up framing lots of things that people bring back from their travels (sketches, drawings, paintings, native art). But what about all the other "non-art" things? While they might end up in a scrap book, you could make a "visual scrap book" for your wall in one room of your home. What a great space that would be to walk into and relive all those exciting moments with just a glance!

One object that a client brough to us for framing after she and her husband went to Venice, Italy during the annual Carnival festival, was a moulded mask that she wore during the festival. We framed it in a unique fashion to accomodate the 3D character of it and to allow a complete viewing of the mask.



 Silk Painted tiger shadowbox