Musical instruments are the sort of thing that, very often, people want framed but want access to them at any moment. So, we have devised a number of ways to achieve this access while still providing stylish framing solutions.

The most important element in framing musical instruments is the sort of brackets that are used to hang the insrument in place, yet allow you to easily lift the instrument off them for removal. Showcase Acrylics, one of our suppliers, has a bunch of different pre-fabricated brackets for this purpose. In some cases, however, we have had to improvise, cutting and bending chunks of acrylic to suit our purposes.  The trumpet project was one such instance where we needed custom hardware to hold the instrument in place.  Also, we needed a special hinge to allow the box to swing open without torquing or twisting. A modified piano hinge did the trick.

Often, the musical instruments are old, decomissioned or antique and do not require ready access. However, the other element that requires a unique solution is, often, the thickness or shape of the instrument.  Whether it is a set of Pan Pipes, an autoharp, a collection of tin whistles and recorders or that Gibson SG that Pete Townshend smashed up and flung into your lucky lap, we have a solution for you that will let you admire the musical object of your desire.

               Trumpet Shadowbox                                   Stratocaster Gravity Groove Plexibox