T. Onagan BOA ShadowboxT. Mosher LaSalle Marathon Shadowbox

While I have only experienced a "runner's high" once in my lifetime (back in high school), I can understand how people go out and run marathons, triathalons and other grueling physical contests, year after year. There is an element of personal testing that goes on as well as a desire for the physical cleansing along with the comaraderie that goes along with the experience.  We have a number of clients who are such athletes, who desire to have a more tangible reminder of the experience on their wall, rather than shoved in a bag in a drawer or closet somewhere.

In some cases, the framing project was devoted to a single event. In others, it may have been devoted to a string of similar events that, when added up, represented a long-term accomplishment of personal goals. We understand what goes into these projects and love working on them.  Why not gather up all your track and field medals and related pictures, labels and memorabilia and let us create something lasting and interesting with them?

We have also added a track and field shadowbox for an equestrian client, who ended up competing using her own stamina riding the back of a horse. Shown below:

                                              Equestrian Shadowbox