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Chicago became the western rail hub of the U.S.A. in the 19th century and retained that distinction throughout the 20th century up through World War II. These posters represent advertising art from the 1920's and '30's from the various national and local rail lines that ran through Chicago. In fact, because it was a hub, you had to change trains there to catch one of the "spokes" or other rail lines heading out North, West, South or back East. It forced travelers to dine and hotel in Chicago instead of just being a whistle-stop! While these advertising posters were never meant to survive, they became collectible years ago and were acquired and reproduced by Chicago publisher Poster Plus.

World's Fair 1934 Poster


We've selected two groupings of their historical reproduction posters. One grouping consists of unlimited, open edition posters that are uniform in size and cost. All open edition prints are on heavy, high quality stock, sized 24 x 36 and are priced at $30 each.

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The other grouping are Limited Edition Giclees, which are produced in smaller batches by a process similar to inkjetting, but with a much higher quality, continuous tone image on heavy, rich paper stock.

Ltd. Edition Giclee Poster Plus Print  The edition quantities and poster sizes along with the prices of these will vary. Choose from 10 different images, all replicas of original, vintage advertising posters reproduced by Poster Plus. Availability is subject to change without notice, as these are limited editions.


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