Idea Wall

Most custom frame shops have an "idea wall", where they show you their best work, their most innovative framing ideas. Unfortunately, many of our very best framing ideas went into framing items for our customers that ended up leaving our store to hang on their walls, not ours. And while this is a good thing in the long haul, it leaves us a bit short of visuals to show prospective clients. So, we've created this virtual "idea wall" for your viewing pleasure and exploration.

What we've always found fascinating about the art and objects our clients bring us to frame is that there is always a story behind these things. Where possible, we've added some additional information that may help convey that story, perhaps to inspire you to frame something similarly.

What we've done, here, is to share with you some images of things that we have framed, either to hang on our shop's walls or our customers'. Just click on the pictures below to see more or click on the links in the gray sidebar on the left part of the page.

If you want to contact us about a custom framing project, click here or on the link on our home page.  To learn more about any of the framed "idea wall" images below, just click on them or the titles in the grey sidebar at left.


Hyatt award frame                                          Obama License Plates


          Katubah #2 (Lezell)                                                 Policeman's Memorial Frame

   Documents, Diplomas & Katubahs                         Family and Life Events

               Hu Jintao Frame               Trumpet Shadowbox


  Band From T.V.         

              ORIGINAL & VINTAGE ART                                       SHOWBIZ

          McKechnie St. Louis Cardinals Jersey             Onagan BOA Marathon Montage                                                                             

                   SPORTS JERSEYS                                        TRACK & FIELD 

       Mask in Flanged Lip Frame              Fan Frame

                TRAVEL ARTIFACTS                                  UNUSUAL FRAME SHAPES