NielsenBainbridge Pre-Cut Mats

NielsenBainbridge 8-ply, archival mats are considered museum quality. They are made from 100% cotton rag with their patented Artcare TM technology, which actively protects your art, using a substance called Zeolite. The Zeolite absorbs environmental and chemical pollutants and keeps them from attacking your artwork. They are available in two different matboard colors and come with a 4-ply, archival backing board.


The Classic Gallery mats are done in a standard white, similar to Bainbridge Pearl White. It is not a bright white and looks good with most photographs and prints. The deep bevel that has been cut into each mat opening is dramatic and helps show your work to its best advantage. The white color runs clear through the mat, so the front of the mat, beveled opening and back of the mat are all the same color. Classic Gallery White mats are our most popular pre-cut mat. For far less than it would cost to get a custom mat of this quality, you get an archival, 8 ply mat withan archival 4 ply backing. It's a terrific buy! N-B Classic Gallery Mat jpeg


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