Jersey Box Frame

Here are Key Features of the Jersey Box:

  • High-tech duotone aluminum sports design
  • Pre-assembled 32 x 40 display case
  • Swiveling garment hanging system and easy front load
  • 100% archival featuring UV Acrylic
  • Extra Heavy hanging hardware for secure wall mounting (Wall Buddies)
  • Hangs on the wall by means of "Wall Buddies" at each top corner (strong, easy, foolproof)
  • Made in USA.

 Using the large selection of matboards that we have available,we can help you customize the matboard color for the back of the frame, simply by removing the bottom leg of the metal frame and then slipping the mat board into the rabbet in front of the black, Artcare Archival Foamboard backing. (See photo at right depicting a mat customization in progress.) Matboards come 32 x 40, so you don't have to do any cutting if you want to change the color of the board behind your jersey. If you want something spliced and custom with varying color stripes, you can contact us from the Contact Us page for a quote.

Note that the front half of the jersey box pulls off the base, where there are spring clips holding it in place.

 While custom jersey shadowboxes can cost $600-$1000, this jersey frame lists for $458.00, but the Flax Price makes it even more affordable at only $399.95!

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