Blogs From The Year 2015

This year marks the final year for our website's blog. There will only be a handful archived, as they will only appear every other month until the end of summer. They take a lot of time to compile and write and, frankly, they are not very timely. We want to share with you things that we have done and events taking place at our shop as they occur, not a month later. 

So, our plan is to start posting really regularly on our company's Facebook Page to get the information out there. Articles and photos about projects we have done will still be uploaded to our website's photo album, called The Idea Wall, so you can still see what we have been up to or to get ideas for a project you might like us to undertake. 

Also, you may want to sign up for our email contact mailing list, where we will be sending out quarterly promotions that only you will know about if you get our email blasts. These specials will not be advertised anywhere else.

For those of you who have followed our blogs over the last half dozen years, I hope you have been inspired to frame something at our shop as a result of reading our rather verbose postings. Thank you very much for your past, present and future patronage!

---Brian D. Flax, CPF

President, Flax Art & Frame Inc