Keepsake Spoons Shadowbox

Keepsake Spoons Shadowbox

Our client, Josh Lemmer, inherited a variety of family memorabilia from the estate of a relative back in Iowa and brought in a number of framing projects for us to work on. One of them has already been showcased here in a previous blog (Arm & Hammer Bird Cards). This framed collection is one of the other groups we did for him. This relative bought comemorative spoons in cities to which she traveled. Here is a small group of them that we sewed down with cotton thread into a shadowbox frame:

Lemmer Travel Spoons Shadowbox

Spoon detaill #1

Lemmer Spoon Detail #2

Lemmer Spoon Detail #3

Lemmer Blarney Castle Spoon detail

Lemmer Spoon detail #5

Mackinac Island spoon detail 

Lemmer Spoon Sbox corner detail

Lemmer Spoon shadowbox ur corner detail 

The spoons came from Chicago, Mackinac Island (Michigan) and Blarney Castle in Ireland. The frame is a black, wood moulding from Gemini, the shadowbox is a gray/silver glazed linen from Bainbridge and the glass is anti-reflective. Note that, while we could have made the frame a lot smaller and put the spoons right next to each other, we felt that the staggered layout would give more emphasis to each one and not make the frame look crowded. It there had been 5 -8 spoons, we would have suggested a layout in the shape of a fan.

Frame designed and executed by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Images by kind permission of Josh Lemmer.