Chinese Falcon Scroll Shadowbox

Shadowboxed Falcon Scroll From China

As fate would have it, a client had dropped off an 8 foot tall by 3 foot wide shadowbox of a beautiful, silk embroidered scroll that Dana had framed for them a few years back that needed some minor repairs. It was standing up on one of our stairs landings and visible from the main sales floor. It, too, was framed with Optium Museum Acrylic and looked fabulous. 

In walks our new clients with a scroll that they brought back from China and wanted it shadowboxed. i showed them the one on the stairs, Optium Museum Acrylic and all. It was perfect and exactly what they had envisioned for their scroll. Their home is fairly modern, so they selected a simple black, 1" wide by 1 7/8" tall matte black wood cap moulding for the shadowbox. We selected a Raphael #428 Cream Neutral Linen upon which to sew it down. The inner face of the frame is also lined with the same fabric. Inside frame size is 30 3/8" x 72". The dowel at the bottom of the scroll made it 1 1/4" tall, so we chose a 1 7/8" tall frame to accomodate the plexi, scroll and fabric-covered foam board platform. Here is how it looks:

Chinese Falcon Scroll Shadowbox

Falcon Scroll Detail 1

Falcon Scroll Detail 2

Falcon Scroll Detail 3

Falcon scroll Detail 4

The top of the scroll is stitched in place by means of two screw eyes (one on each end of the small, top dowel) and two wire loops coming off the top of the dowel that, originally, held a ribbon (which the client wanted removed).

Frame design and execution by Brian D. Flax, CPF

Images shown by kind permission of T. Solomonides