Auto Racing Flag Collages

Crossing the Finish Line

Our shop manager, Dana, has a client whose dad is a car racing enthusiast and has a lot of memorabilia of races he has been part of. She brought in a pair of racing flags (one is a starter's flag and the other is the checkered finish flag), along with a pile of photos from these events. Dana designed a terrific shadowbox frame for each that used a 34 x 36" Gemini 3803 Charcoal cap moulding, Anti-reflective glass and Crescent 85598 Etched Black mat board onto which the flag was attached. The photos were mounted on small platforms and arranged around the perimieter. One of the really cool details that Dana designed was the black and white checkered box strips that line the inner edge of the frame all around the perimeter. She spent a lot of time figuring out how to make our Wizard 9000 computerized mat cutter cut the small squares uniformly and in large enough quantities to go all the way around two frames.

Here are some photos and details:

Racing Flag shadowbox Frames 

Racing Flags Detail 1

Racing flag shadowboxes detail 2

Racing Flag shadowbox Detail 3

Racing Flag Shadowbox Detail 4

Racing flag Shadowbox 2

Racing Flag Shadowbox Detail 1

Racing Flag Shadowbox 2 Detail 2

Framing design and execution by Dana L. Fisher, CPF

Images shown by kind permission of G. Hillis